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Business Phone Systems

for small to medium businesses.

Looking to streamline your business communication?

We're here to help.

With over 20-years’ experience in business communication, the team at A1 Comms have helped hundreds of small, medium and large New Zealand businesses improve or streamline their communication systems, not only to expand the capabilities from their old system but to simplify the way teams communicate with easy to use, intuitive and streamlined communication flow throughout their organisation. We are business phone system experts, based in Christchurch.


Learn about A1 Comms and how we have helped New Zealand businesses around the country to improve and expand their business communication. View several Case Studies and Testimonials from our clients to learn more.

a Christchurch VoIP phone service for small businesses


Increase the control, flexibility, and scalability of your business phone systems while decreasing costs, with expert guidance from our highly experienced team.


We can advise you on the best business phone system to suit your business and how your team, and your clients, like to communicate.

Learn more plus use our Business Phone System Comparison Chart to help decide which solution is best for you.

a business communication system for New Zealand SME's


Unified communications are the next generation in streamlined business communication.


UC can save your company time and money while increasing productivity and responsiveness.


This is key in critical communication, connection and support of your customers, and the ability to move fast on new opportunities.

a national internet services for small businesses


We offer internet solutions to help get and keep you connected.


With different levels of accessibility, reach and speed, we can help you choose the best internet service for the needs of your organisation.


Learn more about our Business Internet Services and use our Business Internet Services Comparison Chart to help decide which solution is best for you.

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