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McKinnon Funeral Group
Multi-Company Fibre Phone System


"We are a group of nine funeral companies under the umbrella 'McKinnon Funeral Group', with Canterbury Christian Funeral Services being our operations hub.


Recent years has seen changes in technology options in our area (i.e. fibre installation), and we were approached by Sherma with the option of looking at our telecommunications system and possible savings going forward using fibre.


Sherma had a good understanding of what A1 Communications could offer, and put together a package that had a solution for our business needs, and also offered solutions for technology that would no longer be suitable using a fibre connection.


He provided us with an in-depth look at our current system at the time, alongside what A1 Comms could provide through fibre, underlining the considerable savings.


We chose to enter into a contract with A1 Comms. They have delivered on every promise they gave and backed up their services with good communication and prompt service when we have needed help. 


This is greatly appreciated because the core of our operation is communications. We currently have three companies linked into the fibre system and will out our other companies as those districts come online with fibre.


I would not hesitate to recommend A1 Comms - Sherma Kala and his team." 


Craig Wilson 
Operations Manager 
McKinnon Group

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