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fibre broadband business internet providers in New Zealand

Business Internet Services

We offer a range of business broadband and internet services, including internet connections for remote areas to suit your business requirements. From the highest processing speed available in New Zealand to connections to the most remote locations, we can help connect your business with the world.


We offer five levels of business internet services, which include:

Choosing the Best Internet Services

We can help take the guess-work out of choosing the right internet providers service for your organization. Use our Business Internet Services Comparison Chart to help decide which solution is best for you. Below are five of the professional Business Internet Services that we offer, so you can quickly compare their features and benefits.

Business Internet Services Comparison Chart

Business internet comparison chart

Copper Broadband (ADSL/VDSL)

Copper Broadband utilises your existing copper network to deliver a reliable and consistent broadband Internet connection. We offer both ADSL and VDSL broadband services, so you can choose which option is right for you. Learn more about Copper Broadband.   


HSNS Broadband Premium

The HSNS Broadband Premium is a consistent and highly reliable, commercial-grade broadband service delivered over copper lines. This service is particularly useful in locations where Fibre Broadband is not yet accessible. Learn more about HSNS Broadband Premium.


Fibre Broadband (Fibre/UFB)

The fastest option for internet connections is Fibre Broadband. This service utilizes fibre optic cables which are capable of transmitting data at a much higher speed than traditional copper wires. Learn more about Fibre Broadband.


Rural Broadband (Wireless/RBI)

This service offers high-speed internet for Rural Broadband customers. We offer different levels of Wireless Broadband plans to suit your needs.  Learn more about Rural Broadband.



Mobile Data Connectivity

Our mobile data connectivity utilises a wireless cellular connection via cellphone towers to provide connectivity for remote areas that cannot receive Rural Broadband. Learn more about Mobile Data Connectivity.

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