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business phone line rental services within New Zealand

Business Phone Line Rental

Business Phone Line Rental

Simplify and expand your Business Line capabilities by using IDSN, which provides digital telephone connections to transmit voice, video, and data simultaneously over a single line.

The simplicity of IDSN (Integrated Services Digital Network), which uses existing telephone copper wiring, is enhanced with additional capabilities for offering Direct Dial, Caller Display services, as well as free local calls within the same group using these lines.


Benefits Include:

  • Use your existing copper phone lines

  • Introduce new capabilities for minimal costs

  • Allocate Direct Dial numbers to staff for direct customer contact

  • Introduce Caller Display to enable better customer interaction

  • Reduce costs through free local calls within your group

Features Include:

  • Direct Dial numbers

  • Caller Display services

  • Free local calls within the same group



For more information on how a Business Phone Line Rental could benefit your business, contact us now.

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