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mobile business phone services for Christchurch and Auckland

Mobile Business Phone Service

Mobile Business Phone System

Now you can run your entire business phone system on mobile phone technology. This smartphone system brings you the technology to link a series of mobile phones to a system that works just like a dedicated business phone solution.


Created specifically for small to medium businesses with remote staff or a team on the move, this incredibly flexible solution features sophisticated features that are incredibly easy to use.



Benefits Include:

  • Incredibly easy to use mobile phone system

  • Enables your team to use newly provided, or their own personal mobiles

  • Utilise any phone network provider

  • Eliminates the need for desktop phones, although you can still use them

  • Significant savings from traditional business phone line charges

Features Include:

  • Keeping your existing business phone numbers

  • Create new local business phone numbers from 56 countries

  • Unlimited phone extensions

  • Each employee has their own mailbox

  • Masking employees’ numbers for privacy

  • Securely managing company calls and voicemail

  • Receive calls like normal, but enjoy more capabilities

  • Smart call routing to quickly connect customers with the right person

  • Route phone calls to different offices or nearest-to-customer support

  • See real-time employee availability

  • Transcription of your voicemails so they are readable

  • Phone call recording and playback

  • Unlimited time on video conference calls, with up to 50 people


This Mobile Business Phone Solution is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses focused on growth. With incredible flexibility, this system can be easily scaled to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.


Businesses with staff that work remotely, have sales representatives on the road, or engage in traveling often will find this solution especially appealing and practical. To learn more, contact one of our team now to discuss the benefits of using a Mobile Business Phone Service in your organisation.    

For more information on how the Mobile Business Phone System could benefit your business, contact us now.

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