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Leeston Medical Centre

Leeston Medical Centre
Cost-Effective Christchurch Phone Management System


"Leeston Medical Centre has recently been upgrading most of its processes and systems in alignment with the lean principle of improvement. Phone calls were of utmost priority as this was our main contact method for all our patients. We were working on finding the right balance, and managing our phones was truly challenging.

Sherma, along with his team, has helped us immensely with our practice upgrade. He was on board with our expectations and provided us with the most productive, cost-effective, and excellent management system for our phone lines. His insight and knowledge helped us make the right choices for our practice. He not only helped us with a better deal than our previous providers but also helped manage it all with no interruptions during the transition. Anoop, from his technical team, was professional and was just a quick phonecall away. The timely response and support we received at any time of the day was truly amazing by A1 Comms, and is well appreciated.

With the transition to A1 Comms services, we not only received phone services with a new provider but also received help with phone units, headsets, and even technical help with the setup. We have been using the services for the last three months and can certainly say that we are truly getting value for money. We have also added eFax to our services and it has proven its worth.

A1 Comms have provided us with all that we expected and much more, especially with their online 3CX app management system. I truly recommend A1 Comms to any establishment that has phones as one of their main communication streams, as this has made our workload less and our lives easier.

I would like to recommend that whether you are upgrading your processes or not, it’s definitely worth giving A1 Comms a call for a quote/consideration. Thank you."

Denny Samuel

Practice Manager
Leeston Medical Centre

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