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toll-free numbers and phone business plans

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Business Phone Line Rental

Increase customer engagement by offering a Toll-Free phone number as an easy and free point of contact. Take advantage of being able to manage your calls better, with information on who, when and where your calls are coming from.


This enables you to route your calls to the best department based on customer location, direct to a mobile or answering service if they are after hours, and screen or block unwanted callers.


Benefits Include:

  • Add value with free calling for your customers

  • Save time by automatically rerouting calls

  • Consistency by using your existing toll-free phone number

  • Immediate switch over with no downtime

  • Peace of mind with comprehensive support and reporting


Features Include:

  • Free calls for your customers

  • Automatic call rerouting

  • Use your existing toll-free numbers

  • Comprehensive support and reporting



For more information on how Toll-Free Phone Numbers could benefit your business, contact us now. Learn more about our business phone system solutions. 

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