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fibre broadband business services within New Zealand

Fibre Broadband (Fibre/UFB)

Fibre (Fibre Optic)

Fibre Broadband is the fastest option for internet connections. Fibre utilises fibre optic cables which are capable of transmitting data at a much higher speed than traditional copper wires.


We offer businesses a suite of plans for different speeds, depending on your requirements.



UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband)

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is a New Zealand (NZ) Government initiative to improve broadband speeds, to help support the advancement of NZ commerce and business efficiency. Although UFB is not currently available throughout NZ, it continues to be deployed and will become more accessible in the majority of locations around NZ.


Top Speed: 200Mbps download and 200Mbps upload (approximate maximum speeds).

Business Internet Services Comparison Chart

Internet Services Comparison Chart

For more information on the right choice of Internet Service for your business, contact us now.

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