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business VoIP phones for Auckland and Christchurch

Business Phone Systems

Our medium and small business phone solutions use different methods to unite and connect your team. Within your organisation, throughout New Zealand, and across the rest of the world, the right phone system can also help improve your customer communication.


Switching over to a new business communication system can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. We personally run through your requirements and can offer the right advice for the way you communicate as a business, thanks to the trusted expertise of our experienced team.

Our team can design, project manage, install, set up and programme the entire business phone plan solution. We specify the appropriate level for the system for you, as well as offer training on how to make changes or additions to the system yourselves, where applicable. We offer four different phone systems:

Choose The Right Business Phone System

We can help take the guess-work out of choosing the right telecommunication system for your organisation. Use our Business Phone System Comparison Chart to help decide which solution may be best for you. Below are four of the professional Business Phone Systems that we offer, so you can quickly compare their features and benefits.

Business Phone Systems Comparison Chart

Phone Systems Comparison Chart

Business Phone Line Rental

Single phone line technology utilising ISDN provides digital telephone connections which simultaneously transmit voice, video, and data over your existing copper wire phone line. Simple, yet effective, this solution can easily add additional capabilities to your existing traditional phone connection and is very simple to implement. Learn more about Business Phone Line Rentals.    


Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Toll-free numbers are an easy way of offering your customers value and a simple way to keep in touch with you. The increase in capabilities from a standard phone line includes the ability to better manage your calls with additional information provided on the call and the caller. Learn more about Toll Free Phone Numbers.

VoIP Phone Systems

A digital, cloud-based VoIP Phone System can significantly reduce your communication costs compared to using traditional copper phone lines. This flexible and scalable option is perfect for growing businesses, which can easily expand. Learn more about VoIP Phone Systems.


Mobile Business Phone Systems

Run your entire business phone communication on a mobile phone system. Combine your landline and mobiles on a system that works just like a dedicated Business Phone Service. Incredibly flexible smartphone solutions with sophisticated capabilities that create a seamless experience. Learn more about Mobile Business Phone Systems.

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