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unified communications systems in Auckland and Christchurch

Unified Communications

3CX Unified Communications

Unified communications bring synergy to your team and streamlines the way they communicate, simplifying the process, yet adding additional capabilities. Through a dedication to client satisfaction and a commitment to quality, A1 Comms is now a 3CX Approved Reseller.


With the 3CX software-based PBX (private branch exchange), you receive a private telephone network just for your company. The 3CX system not only makes unified communication a breeze but can significantly reduce your communication costs. This out-of-the-box solution includes video conferencing, live chat, presence status, fax and voicemail to email, CRM integration, softphones, and automatic office-to-mobile redirection.



3CX Benefits Include:

•    Easily install and manage on devices, servers or as a cloud account

•    Significantly reduce communications costs

•    Streamline communication by showing your team’s presence status 

•    Automatic transfer of your office phone extension to your mobile

•    Directly transfer answered calls to your colleagues, even while on mobile

•    Increase productivity with simple integrated video and web conferencing

•    Simply connect and manage calls with Mac or PC softphones for computers and laptops

•    Improve customer service by launching softphone calls directly from your


3CX Features Include:

•    Can be used with both Windows and Linux platforms and via the Cloud.

•    The open-standards phone system delivers a complete Unified Communications solution

•    This system can be integrated with other applications such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Office 365 and more.

•    By relying on the SIP Standard, 3CX delivers a future-proof, top-level Unified Communications system.


Watch the introduction video about the simple benefits of utilising 3CX Unified Communications in your business.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

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For more information on how 3CX Unified Communications could benefit your business, contact us now.

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