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Hume Pine (NZ) Limited

Cloud-Based Telephone System


"Our internet provider had made known to us the availability of the fibre broadband connection."


"We were [previously] quite restricted with what we could do with our phones. We couldn’t very easily move around and change people without having to get someone out to help us, whereas with the new phone system we emailed or called, and they changed it, fixed it, or came up with a better solution within minutes. We really like the new system."


"Hume Pines is an interesting proposition. We have three sites - two manufacturing sites and a separate sales office. Previously for telecommunications, they had been treated as separate entities with separate phone numbers. This has got us altogether now as one team with extension numbers."


"It's a lot quicker now with everyone having their own extension and own phone. We can get hold of people a lot quicker now."


"I was a bit apprehensive about changing over to the new system, because whenever you change over to a new phone system or new computer system people don’t like change. But this [changeover] worked really well for us as, we had the old system in with the new and we could use both while we waited for the cutover."


"After a week of training and getting over our minor mistakes we have picked it up and have been able to teach others what we have learnt, along with our little tips and tricks. Everyone I think is embracing it really well now. I like that I don’t have to be here at my desk to answer the phone. If I am here on my own I can walk around and get my printing or talk to someone. I can multi-task a lot better than I could before. I have a lot more space free, and as the operator I find it fast to see who is on calls and who isn’t."


"With the old phone system we were not paying for service calls but any equipment that was damaged we had to buy new ones and they are hard to replace."


"I love the support that they can provide. We have an extension number for them and even if it is just a quick question they answer it almost straight away or get someone who can help me more call me back. They quite often follow-up what we have requested to ensure it is all working properly and check that everything we wanted them to do they have done." 


"I have heard no complaints about it, normally that is a good way to judge. If you hear any complaints you know something is going wrong, but people adapted and took it on very easily and we are all very happy with it."


"I think the system would benefit any business small or large. We are probably a medium to large size business with over one hundred factory staff. With the system being as easy as it is to use I think it would benefit anybody that needs to upgrade their systems."


"We would recommend this phone system to other companies. It has been a very painless transition for us. We have started to see the cost savings filtering through. We haven’t done a good enough analysis on the bills yet, but I know that the overseas phone calls, the mobile to mobile, the intercompany calling when we had the separate phone numbers, that is all working very well, and we would definitely recommend it."


Craig Peters, Manager, and Jessica Higgins, Administration/Accounts Payable

Hume Pine (NZ) Ltd



"Our introduction to Sherma came about when discussing a new telephone system for our Rotorua-based timber remanufacturing business. 


Sherma suggested a solution that took advantage of the fibre optic rollout in Rotorua, used the latest in telephone cloud hosting, and promised equipment and phone call savings. 


We began the rollout, nervously expecting the usual ‘new system’ dramas. Now, nearly eighteen months down the track, we have yet to encounter our first hiccup that was not sorted!


The transition from the old onsite telephone system to the new cloud-based one was painless. Sherma guided us through the process and answered all the questions, no matter how ignorant they were! 


The ease of use, quality of calls, and cost savings have met or exceeded those promised. 


Nothing has been too hard for Sherma and his team; they have always been on the end of the phone or email should we need assistance. 


I would have no hesitation recommending Sherma and his team."


Craig Peters 
Hume Pine (NZ) Ltd

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