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Simplicity for Multiple Offices


"The challenges we had with the old phone system was with the communications, passing messages and lost messages. Basically, the new phone system is great, we just forward the message straight through to who it's for. No miscommunicating, no loss of messages - it's really great."


"I find it really easy to transfer calls and being able to see who is on the phone and who's not, and also transferring messages to different people in different departments."


"The receptionist checks all the messages in the morning or through the day if one has been left, and forwards it straight through to a reporter or advertising rep. If it is meant for another company, we can transfer it through to our Hastings branch. It's really good."


"In the past, we would have had to take a message, if there was a message left on the main phone. We would’ve had to write down the message and then take it into another department. Whereas all we need to do now is forward it to their extension number and it's there."


"The changeover was easy. We had a fact sheet so if we needed to know anything, we would just go back to the sheet and the answers were right there, or a phone call away."


"You just make a phone call, and they are there to change, there to fix, whatever your needs are. Don’t be afraid, it is an easy system to learn."


"I would recommend the phone system to anyone who has offices over the country, even if they are in the same town it's great - it really has been for us."


Fiona Marshall, Administration Manager

Queree Bell, Circulation Manager

Beacon Media Group

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