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Nova Trust

High Speed Internet Upgrade

The Nova Trust is charitable group that had a real need to improve their broadband.


Tony Fallon, the Development and Central Services Manager, explains their issues:

"Nova Trust is a residential alcohol and drug rehab, and we have a national range of service throughout the country. We've got three services on site. We are in this beautiful place out in the country, but unfortunately we had real trouble with communications. On the regular our phones would just start crackling, we wouldn't get good service. And even running Zoom meetings and online training would be difficult because the (internet) bandwidth just wasn't enough.

We got in contact with Upstream New Zealand who put us in contact with Sherma at A1 Communications with the idea of designing an Ultra Fast broadband or, if better, a premium fibre connection to fix our problems."

Sherma Kala then took the time to assess the issues, research the location, and come up with a practical solution.

"When Nova Trust came to us with a problem with their internet, we took a look at what was available out there, their grand scheme and their requirements. We realised quite quickly that their broadband needed a significant upgrade, so we talked to our partners and were able to find out that there was fibre in the ground. We were able to deliver very fast fibre internet to solve their issues.

The outcome was a successful solution, a happy client, a proud supplier, and continuing support of children and young people in our community."


"A1 Comms could service their problem and equally generate a whole lot of good for young people in our community at the same time," commented Mitch Shaw, Co-Founder of UpstreamNZ.

Tony Fallon

Development and Central Services Manager

Nova Trust

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