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Traction Business Acceleration

Traction Business Acceleration
Desktop-To-Mobile Business Phone System


"Traction Business Acceleration Limited is a small company that packs a big punch, helping clients to develop and grow their businesses throughout New Zealand.

As part of our own business development, I wanted the ability to manage the business and work from anywhere in the world with a cellular network and internet access.


We needed a very flexible business telephone solution that could seamlessly connect our desktop phone numbers to our mobile phones.


Our Christchurch telephone system needed to connect locally, nationally, and internationally without any interruption to our clients, or for them to incur any mobile or international calling fees.

Sherma Kala at A1 Comms was very friendly, relatable, and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to give us excellent advice and offered us a simple, affordable, and extremely flexible solution that covered our needs perfectly.

I highly recommend A1 Comms, and would suggest getting Sherma’s advice first, before deciding on exactly what telephone or communication solution would be best for your business or organisation."

Darlene Mathieson
Managing Director
Traction Business Acceleration Limited

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