Mobile Phone System Saving NZ Businesses

With most New Zealand businesses in lockdown due to the Government's quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying in touch with clients is paramount.

Thankfully, the latest in communication technology and innovation is enabling NZ organisations to stay in business by converting the capabilities of their office desk phones onto their smartphones.

A1Comms is helping small businesses use the technology to bring together their entire business phone system all on mobile, using a simple to use application with many practical and relevant features.

Clients and customers can call the usual business landline number. These inbound calls can follow the same pattern as your normal office calls, or provide a pre-recorded menu to put them through to the right person. This, coupled with many other desktop phone capabilities, is helping businesses and their clients to keep connected when it couldn't be more crucial.

"The enforced isolation in New Zealand, due to the COVID-19 virus is the perfect example of how this technology can help small businesses to continue working with minimal interruption, and the huge benefits to their clients who are trying to contact them."

Sherma Kala, Managing Director, A1 Comms

The traditional phone system has been reinvented so that people can talk more often in real-time, especially when working remotely. This allows teams to solve problems faster, improve company culture and relationships, and help to grow companies.

"It will be interesting to watch further developments and utilisation of this technology to see how it contributes to the ever-changing face of business communication."