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Convert Your Office Landline onto Mobile

  • Never miss another client call

  • No additional hardware

  • 30-minute setup time

During COVID-19 isolation, it's critical to keep your team and customers connected. 

Keep your business running with automatic redirection of your business landline to call one or multiple mobile smartphones. This incredibly easy to use system includes many desktop phone capabilities and can be set up in 30-minutes, with no additional hardware.

The perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses with an office phone system that needs to work remotely, which can be used on business or personal smartphones with no risk to privacy.

Benefits to your Business

  • Use existing staff or personal smartphones, keeping details private

  • Caller-selected menus redirect straight to the right person

  • Identify contacts with Caller ID for inbound calls

  • Easily connect with unlimited call time video conferencing

  • Use as a temporary or permanent solution

Benefits to your Customers

  • Can contact your team using your normal business phone number

  • Relieve frustration by offering assisted transfer

  • Avoid confusion by showing your company phone number on calls

Benefits to your Team

  • Easily recognize business calls with specific ringtone and app launch

  • Each team member has their own individual voicemail

  • See who is available to take a call

Setup and Rental Rates

  • $350 phone system setup fee

  • $99 monthly rental 

  • Unlimited phone extensions

  • Unlimited time on video conference calls

  • Up to 50 video conference participants

  • Contact us for land-to-mobile, local, and national calling rates.


50% OFF SETUP FEES - now only $175

$59 MONTHLY RENTAL - save $40 per month

*Conditions apply. All prices are GST exclusive.

Special offer ends Sunday 31st May 2020.

Discounted monthly rental ends 31st December 2020.

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